At the Montclair Group, we passionately believe that you need to break out of the rut of conventional marketing practices and find new, faster ways of connecting with and getting closer to your customers.  

To do this, your company needs an emotional and intellectual connection. You need a strong brand.

Your brand should inspire people to join a community, purchase a product, rally for your cause, or taste your latest culinary creation.

Your brand is not just your company’s logo, tagline, or mission statement. It’s what people say about you when you leave the room. It’s about perception; it’s about reputation. What makes you different from your competition?

No differentiation  = no long-term profitability.

Our team has been crafting and maintaining successful brands for over 30 years. Our method is tried and true—we roll up our sleeves, dive in and dig deep. We do our homework. We get to know your industry, your product, your team and even a good sampling of your customers.

Every successful brand is built around a central, compelling idea.  An idea that appeals to both hearts and minds - an idea with real value - value for your organization, stakeholders and customers.

The key is to unlock that value – and that’s where the Montclair Group can help you.